Company Profile

Hi-Tec Implants develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of dental implants and prosthetic elements.

In 1990 Hi-Tec Implants was founded by dental professionals with rich clinical experience and it's commitment is to develop products that offer long term compatibility with implant dentistry. The goal is to continue to provide the most technologically advanced products to help dentists develop their practices and to provide their patients with the most up-to-date treatment.
Hi-Tec Implants received FDA approval in 1994 and European Community certifications in 1997.

30 years of research and rich clinical experience in many countries around the world enables Hi-Tec Implants to develop products offering long term satisfaction. Moreover, due to the Company’s deep understanding of implant dentistry, clinical studies demonstrate an extremely high rate of Osseo-integration and functional stability.

Hi-Tec Implants takes pride in the extensive knowledge and training of it's staff. Our dedicated Client Service personnel have years of experience in the dental field and use this expertise to assist dental professionals in using Hi-Tec products to provide patients with the ultimate in dental care.

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President, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. ROY JONATHAN LESHEM D.M.D - president of Hi-Tec Implants ltd qualified as a dental surgion and since is prcticing implant surgery and tacking part in many inovations in the field.

Dr LESHEM is the founder of Hi-Tec Implants and for the past 30 years is involved in the research and development in the field of implantology.

As a specialist in implantology he has conducted many seminars and courses of implant surgery and implant prosthetics.

In his private practice Dr. LESHEM specialises in implant surgery and prosthodontics on implants.